Aquatic Access

The redesigned IGAT-180 series of ADA-compliant pool lifts by Aquatic Access Inc. includes bariatric units and a variety of seating options, along with the green power of flowing water, for the most attractive and cost-effective means of access to all pools, including those with infinity edges, per maker.

Contact: 800.325.5438

Aquatic Recreation Co.

Aquatic Recreation Co. now offers interactive water-play equipment in fiberglass and stainless steel. Per maker, the versatile material fabrication options will meet any client’s needs and budget when planning features for pools or splashpads.

Contact: 877.632.0503


The Power Switching feature on Aquionic’s Hanovia UV allows for continuous applications and correct dosage of disinfection or chloramine regardless of bather load or water quality. Power Switching also extends lamp life and provides energy cost savings, per maker. It is ideal for indoor and outdoor pool applications.

Contact: 859.341.0710

BECS Technology

BECSys’ new Mobile Device Server allows users to access controllers using iPads, tablets or smart phones to monitor current status, modify parameters (password protected) and review graphs with input trace data time-synchronized with key system events. Existing BECSys controllers can be upgraded with this new capability.

Contact: 314.567.0088

Big Ass Fans

Isis by Big Ass Fans now is UL-listed for use in wet environments, including natatoriums, locker rooms and pool deck areas. It provides gentle air circulation with silent operation, per maker.

Contact: 800.244.3267

Cemrock Landscapes

Cemrock Landscape Inc. offers themed options with design flexibility for its cooling mist systems to create everything from a mushroom-shaped umbrella table with perimeter misting heads (shown), to a life-sized elephant with cooling mist coming from its trunks, to an octopus with eight misting heads. Its endless design flexibility can fit almost any budget, per company.

Contact: 520.571.1999


Chammyz’s new Boat Coat is a waterproof version of the company’s Surf Bomber. It features a nylon shell that can be zipped out and worn separately.

Contact: 760.744.9252


The new NSF-50-certified, skid-mounted NEX-GEN on-site chlorine generators by ChlorKing Inc. are the first of their kind for commercial pools to feature neutral pH chlorine, per maker. The generators reuse swimming pool water to produce chlorine, eliminating the concern for total dissolved solids and the need for water softener. Units are available in 7 ½-, 10-, 20- and 40-pounds-per-day models.

Contact: 770.452.0952

Commercial Recreation Specialists

Commercial Recreation Specialists offers Wibit Sports’ inflatable Splasher slide for kids that floats on its own or sits on the pool deck. The durable, low-profile slide provides a safe climb, making it ideal for younger swimmers in shallow water, per maker.

Contact: 877.896.8442