The Contra Costa Times, which covers Contra Costa and Alameda counties in Northern California, reported that the city of Antioch, Calif., has paid out over $16,700 to four families with children who were injured at the Prewett Family Water Park in Antioch last summer.

Many children became sick, reporting problems with breathing, skin rashes, and vomiting, when a malfunctioning chlorine pump caused a concentrated mixture of cleaning chemicals to flow into one of the park’s pools. It has since been determined that the cause of the accident was mechanical, rather than human error.

“[My daughter] was throwing up and she kept on saying she couldn’t breathe and she wanted to fall asleep,” says Erika Robles, mother of one of the injured children, the Times reported. “She has troubles with her asthma so that made it worse. I was very scared.”

Three other families have filed legal claims against the city, which are all being processed.

The city is implementing a number of updates and improvements to the park that are scheduled to be in place by late Spring 2016 when the park reopens. Read More