The committee charged with monitoring and updating the Model Aquatic Health Code will hold a meeting Wednesday, Oct. 8 in Portland, immediately before the World Aquatic Health Conference.

Called the Conference for the Model Aquatic Health Code, the nonprofit organization receives and assesses input for improving the MAHC and relays the information to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for consideration in its future revisions. “This process will keep the MAHC up to date with the latest scientific and operational lessons,” said the CDC in a press release.

Other tasks include advocating for improved health and safety in aquatic facilities, assisting government agencies and the aquatics industry on the MAHC and its implementation, and coordinate the research needs for the code.

At the October meeting, public health officials, aquatics professionals and other stakeholders will begin to lay the groundwork for the CMAHC by discussing how it should be organized and operated, as well as how proposals for the MAHC should be submitted and processed. The group also will begin assigning volunteers to fill the more crucial roles.

The Model Aquatic Health Code is the first pool pool and spa code written by the federal government. Released in late August, the code covers all aspects of commercial pools and spas. As a model code, it only applies to those areas that formally adopt the language, but some believe it also will influence government entities looking to write their own codes.

To sign up for the meeting, email [email protected].