For the second consecutive year, Aquatics International is hosting a virtual conference. This year’s conference will tackle the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code and its potential impact on the aquatics industry.

“The Model Aquatic Health Code: Cracking the Code” features seven exclusive, on-demand Webinars. The event will be offered online only, for free, beginning Nov. 9. It will then be available on demand for six months following that date.

“Nearly 80 percent of aquatics professionals are either afraid the MAHC will be another VGB debacle or don’t know enough about it, according to our online poll,” said Aquatics International Editor, Gary Thill. “We hope this series of seminars will provide the education professionals need so they don’t get blindsided by these important new guidelines.”

Seminars will be provided by aquatic design and architectural experts, researchers and industry veterans. Session topics include liability concerns, code confusion, the MAHC’s relationship to water chemistry, its impact on risk management and more.

Speakers will include:

  • Michael Beach, the Centers for Disease Control’s associate director for healthy water and MAHC Steering Committee member. Beach will speak on the vision of the MAHC and its ultimate goal.
  • Doug Sackett, MAHC Steering Committee director and New York State Department of Health’s Bureau of Community Environmental Health & Food Protection assistant director. Sackett will explain the MAHC process and how professionals can make their voices heard.
  • Kathryn Scott, chair of the MAHC’s Lifeguarding/Bather Supervision technical committee and physical education department chair aquatics at the University of California, Berkeley and Roy Fielding vice chair of the same committee and coordinator of Exercise Science Program in the Department of Kinesiology at University of North Carolina, Charlotte. Scott and Fielding will examine lifeguard and supervision best practices forthcoming from MAHC.
  • Carl Nylander, chair of the MAHC’s Facility Design and Construction and project manager for Counsilman-Hunsaker. Nylander will speak about how the MAHC will affect aquatic design.