Some are calling 2016 the year of the construction crane for theme parks. This is good news for the waterpark industry.

Recently, the Orlando Sentinel took a close look at the growth anticipated for several major theme parks in the U.S., including Universal Studios in Orlando,  SeaWorld, and Disney. By all accounts, these leading major theme parks are investing in expansions and new attractions, pointing to a thriving industry that continues to impress patrons of all ages. This activity likely will lead the trends in all areas of the attraction industry, including waterparks.

One major area of concentration is technology.

Theme parks will continue ramping up technology, said Steve Brown, chief operating officer of North America and Europe at accesso, a technology company which has its North American headquarters in Lake Mary. Accesso

provides tech to many theme parks around the world.


"What we're staying focused on is just the continued shift to mobile, whether it's the line management options, the ticketing, and consumers' preference for using their mobile device," he said.


"As technology becomes more pervasive inside the experiences, were going to see a much more responsive offering for the guest," he said.

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