Imagine a time when commercial pool codes are consistent across the country. That dream moved one step closer to reality this spring as discussion about rewriting the commercial pool standard continued at a meeting of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals? Commercial Council in Austin.

The group?s goal is to revamp the current American National Standards Institute-1 standard for public pools. This more detailed version will be easier to adopt by various code bodies in all 50 states and even internationally, said Suzanne Barrows, senior director of communications and marketing at the Alexandria, Va.- based APSP.

Council Chairman Michael Garland said there?s no continuity among local jurisdictions. ?The current [standard] is lacking,? he said. ?There are several different codes that conflict and there?s a lot of information that isn?t even covered.?

The rewritten standard will address design, construction and operations of all types of public pools, including waterparks, Barrows said. The current standard will be a much bigger document that will be easier for states to adopt into code.

?We want this standard to be as well-known as the National Electric Code 680,? Garland said.

Currently, the APSP Commercial Council has met three times since its inception a year ago and held two Webcast meetings and several conference calls on the subject.

Members are identifying experts and stakeholders in the various fields that the standard will cover, including lifeguards, designers and government officials. They plan to follow the ANSI process, which includes a review period inviting comments. Barrows anticipates the process will take a couple of years.