I just love when swimming pools pop up in commercials, especially when the ads are fun. 2013 gave us a diver who shot straight through a Ford B-Max into the water. Which was pretty cool (even if it may not have been real). But the latest campaign from Audi is even cooler and is sure to catch the eye of aquatics pros. The minute-long clip, titled "Swim," centers around a pool, and what happens when a young boy decides to break the rules (like waiting one hour to swim after eating) and live on the wild side.

Of course the rule is in place for a good reason and shouldn't be taken lightly in reality. But in the boy's dream world, breaking the rule equals freedom. The ad's excitement kicks off just after a classic exchange between the boy and the lifeguard with the rebellious teenager leaping into the water, unleashing a series of insane events. Watch as they unfold.

I'm no car expert. and from what I have read, there is an irony to the campaign because the particular model featured in the ad is more geared toward those who typically play it safe. But we'll leave that to the automobile aficionados. We're just here to enjoy seeing swimming in the limelight.