Welcome to the latest ProView, an eNewsletter from Aquatics International.

In addition to regular blogs from the industry, we’ve expanded our scope to include more on the trickiest issues facing aquatics today.

We start with a blog from USA Swimming who took a huge credibility hit when they insisted on attacking a new bill that makes it easier for victims of sexual abuse to sue. Not the side of that argument you want to be on. Now, the organization is getting an independent review of its own anti-abuse program to see how well the efforts are working. My personal opinion is that USA Swimming needs to publically own any part in this, no matter the financial consequences. Not to get all Dr. Laura on you, but  true repentance has four Rs: Responsibility; Remorse; Repair; and no Repeat.

We also provide stories on the International Paraolympic Committee’s decision to kick out a disabled swimmer because there’s a “glimmer of hope” that she may walk again. In a move of astonishingly bad timing, the IPC chose to tell 18-year old Victoria Arlen that she’s out of the pool when the woman was already in Montreal for the World Championships. Arlen’s a great athlete, and smart and photogenic to boot. I pity the innocent marketing executive who has to dig the IPC out of this PR mess.

Finally, there’s the recent controversy in England about a woman who was asked to leave a public pool because she was breastfeeding her baby while standing in shallow water. Here’s the interesting part: It’s illegal in England to ask a breastfeeding woman to leave a public place like a store or restaurant. However, it’s allowable to prevent breastfeeding where there is a health or safety risk. So, what’s the case here? Is there any issue with the water? I can’t imagine, but I’m interested…let me know your thoughts.