Want to know what’s in store for the future of green technology? Here are three predictions from the Green Hotels Association.

1. Food waste will become a commodity, and commercial decomposition will be the motivator. Commercial decomposition equipment can handle hundreds of pounds of food waste daily. As the food dissolves into a watery slurry, it is released into the sanitary sewer line. Those in municipal sewer management who support the concept say the process releases microbes that help keep sewer lines clean. Because this food waste is valuable as an organic fertilizer and livestock feed, hotels and restaurants soon may see it sold to farms, vineyards and manufacturing plants.

2. Plumbing manufacturers will redesign all kitchen and bath fixtures with adjustable speeds, similar to vehicle windshield wipers. This will allow an easier choice of a lot or a little water. Patricia Griffin, GHA founder and president, says, “Plumbing manufacturers need to make these conservation changes. Bath and kitchen sink faucets must allow us to precisely choose the volume of water provided.”

3. All lighting in parking and office buildings will be converted to lighting accompanied by motion and/or heat sensors. The sensors turn those lights on only when they detect motion or body heat. Of course, some lights will need to stay on for security purposes, but the reduced energy use means less air pollution because less fossil fuels are being burned to produce the electricity.