By now, it’s all too apparent: The worst economic recession since the Great Depression has taken its toll on aquatics.

You’ve seen the headlines of facilities closing because cities can’t afford them anymore. Maybe you even know a professional who has lost their job. And you fear you may be next.

Before hitting the panic button, though, take some time to read through our State of the Industry special report. It is the most comprehensive look at how the downturn has affected aquatics.

While the numbers show much to be concerned about, they also offer some glimmers of hope.

Part 1: Efficiency Experts

In the face of budget cuts, operators are being forced to put off maintenance and renovation just to keep the doors open. Survival requires knowing how to add value to your facility — without adding to its costs.

Part 2: Raising Hope

Economists may have declared the recession over, but our annual salary survey reveals that the recovery hasn’t hit aquatics just yet. When can you hope for another raise? Our analysis provides some answers.