Throughout human history, there has existed a universal truth: Given the choice between straight information or a storyline, the latter will always prove a stronger draw.

Las Vegas-based builder Paragon Pools was counting on that bit of human nature when it created a new video series. The Adventures of Paragonia, Mermaid of AquaTekture follows its namesake as she searches the Las Vegas desert for liquid sustenance by visiting various Paragon-built pools. We see her sunning on a shelf, observing the falling water, swimming and gliding underwater.

By creating the series, Paragon’s publicist, Mary Vail, wanted to frame several of the company’s pools in a different light. By showing their heroine interact with the backyard environments, Vail and Paragon President Joe Vassallo believe, the videos help not only display top-shelf features, but also give a firsthand perspective on what it’s like to experience pools, spas, waterfeatures, and the importance of crisp water quality in the aesthetic equation.

Not only that, but they believe viewers will see a parallel between the physical sustenance that water provides Paragonia, and the spiritual nourishment pools and spas offer users.

The six-video series is posted on the company’s website as well as its YouTube channel. Additionally, Vail compiled still photos from the shoots and created a book that sits in Paragon’s office so visitors can leaf through. A loop of the videos also runs on a screen in the office.

The videos and book all have the fairy-tale aesthetic one would expect.

“I read all these stories, fairy tales and myths, and I realized that they all have special powers and they all like being in water. So I took a twist of all those different stories.”

Vail shot the videos, using a GoPro to capture the underwater footage. Her daughter, Ashley Noel Lopez is Paragonia.

Season 2 of The Adventures of Paragonia is expected later this year.