I grew up in Nebraska in the 1920s, where we spent Sundays leisurely swimming in the river. After church, my family would load the car with delicious food and head for the closest river bank, where the men had cleared the brush, raked the sandy beach, set up tables and made rope swings that made it a happy place to swim.

In preparing our history issue, we sent out a call for ?vintage? photos.

We were so touched by the wonderful stories attached to the photos sent in that we decided to share some of our readers? histories with you:

Letter from Pittsburg, Kan.

Letter from Salt Lake City, Utah

Letter from Givens Hot Spring, Idaho

Letter from Milwaukee, Wis.

Letter from Ocala, Fla.

Letter from Kalispell, Mont.

Letter from Elgin, Ill.

Letter from West Palm Beach, Fla.

Letter from Garfield, N.J.

Letter from Bolingbrook, Ill.

Letter from Kendall, Fla.

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