First responders have been called out to at least four chlorine leak emergencies in the last several weeks.

More than two dozen people were hospitalized on July 12, after a chemical reaction caused a dangerous chlorine gas exposure at Michigan's Adventure amusement park and waterpark. According to reports, nearly 55 people were affected when muriatic acid and sodium hydrochloride were combined near the wave pool, but the Muskegon, Mi., park was open for business as usual just one day later.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, six children and two adults were hospitalized June 17, after excessive chlorine leaked into the swimming pool at Happy Day School for the developmentally disabled in Kent, Ohio.

Also last month, the Yakima Herald reported a chlorine gas leak at the Yakima (Wa.) Family YMCA, which shut down the facility for several hours, and KDKA 2-CBS Pittsburgh (Pa.) reported a similar incident at the Highland Park Pool.