NRPA recently announced changes to its national aquatic programming, and as we know and expect that many of our members will have questions, I want to take this opportunity to communicate our vision for 2012 and beyond.

NRPA’s National Aquatic Conference & Exposition (NAC) will be merged with future national Congresses, so that Aquatic Network members can interact with the rest of the NRPA membership. This decision was made by the NRPA Board of Directors with careful consideration and appreciation of past NACs and the volunteers who made them happen. However, the many economic challenges faced by America’s agencies resulted in the need to re-evaluate and strategize on how we could best be of service to the field.

NRPA will—with commitment and excitement—continue to support and invest in the aquatic community by providing a host of education and networking opportunities. In addition to offering specialized education sessions at Congress in 2012, NRPA will continue to serve, expand, and improve the field through:

  • NRPA’s new and improved National Aquatic Management School: an enhanced, national certificate program, which will be offered in conjunction with Congress as half online learning and half in-person instruction, or as a completely online program.
  • A state-of-the art Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) Certification program offered throughout the United States.
  • Distance learning opportunities throughout the year, including Webinars and online courses.
  • A national network and online community via NRPA Connect for aquatic professionals, interested citizens, students, educators, and members of the United States military.

Our aquatic voice remains an important one for NRPA and for the United States. Aquatic programs provide a significant avenue to achieve healthy lifestyles, fight obesity, promote life skills, and enhance citizens’ quality of life. We will continue to offer a variety of venues and opportunities to support the aquatic community, who in turn do much to support and enhance their local communities. — Dianne Hoover, NRPA President