Custom Molded Products, a pool and spa product supplier, recently announced the acquisition of ozone and UV sanitization products supplier Del Ozone Holding Company and its subsidiaries.

“This is the right time for [both organizations],” said Dr. William Drury, CEO and president of CMP. “We were at a moment where we … wanted to absorb some additional product lines, and [Del was] at a moment where they needed support that we were able to provide them.”

For CMP, the acquisition introduces a new product category into its offerings. The transaction also allows for the Del Ozone product lines to take advantage of CMP’s sales and distribution channels, giving the ozone/UV producer an opportunity to have a bigger footprint in the industry, Drury said.

“Del is proud and excited to now be part of the CMP family of products,” said Mike Hawkins, CEO of Del Ozone. “We realize that our technology, future developments and branding will be an excellent fit and complement to an already strong and deeply anchored CMP team in the pool and spa industry. ”

While CMP has no immediate plans to acquire other businesses, the organization is open to exploring opportunities that relate to water management and “make sense for us,” Drury said.

CMP offices will remain in Newnan, Ga., and the business is committed to maintaining a presence in Del Ozone’s head office location of San Luis Obispo, Calif., Drury said. Regarding staff changes, CMP will “decide as we go forward what’s the right structure for the company,” he said.