You might find your next great pool supervisor on Facebook.

The social media giant said in November that it is experimenting with a feature that will allow employers to post job vacancies, according to media reports.

Now you might be thinking But I can already do that -- and you would be right. However, the recruitment tool will enable businesses to receive applications directly through Facebook. That’s different than posting a notice for a job opening with a link to a company’s application portal.

TechCrunch, which broke the news, said the feature will allow recruiters to pay Facebook to get their job openings in front of a large pool of candidates. Also, employers will be able to target their ad toward Facebook users who have relevant keywords in their profiles, such as lifeguard and Certified Pool Operator.

Many recreation facilities currently use LinkedIn to announce openings. Facebook’s jobs feature may well be worth taking a look at, especially if you’re trying to cast a wider net. LinkedIn has 467 million users. Facebook has 1.79 billion.