A new program is underway in Western Australia to help keep aboriginal youth away from alcohol and drugs and off the streets.

Thanks to efforts by Aaron Jacobs of the Royal Life Saving WA, children of the central Kimberley town of Fitzroy Crossing can be found swimming at midnight instead of getting drunk and causing chaos, ABC.

"I just wished to provide them with a good supervised and safe spot to be, and hopefully be a good mentor," Jacobs, who manages the Fitzroy Crossing public pool, told the news agency. I'm really happy they're here, in a sense, because they're off the street."

Residents of the town took steps to decrease the amount of alcohol available to the locals by successfully fighting for restrictions that took effect in 2008. Despite these efforts, however, the area still struggles to fall out of decay. Domestic violence, abuse and crime still are a major concern.

But Jacobs and local authorities believe the Friday night swims are making an impact.

"They'll go home, hopefully, tired and cold and want to curl up somewhere instead of walking the streets for the rest of the night.," he said.

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