Getting the Message

By Kevin Post and Michelle Schwartz, Counsilman-Hunsaker | February 2010

Chances are, your teen lifeguards use and embrace technologies such as texting and Twitter. Here’s why you should, too.

Failing Inspection

By Austin Looper, PPG | January 2010

Run a hotel, motel or association aquatics facility? Chances are, you’re in violation of water quality codes. Knowing why will help reduce RWIs.

Cover Flow

By Larry Benz, Lawson Aquatics | November/December 2009

In the haste to comply with VGB, some operators have forgotten the importance of flow rate. Is your facility one of them?

Jacket Required

By Rebecca Kells, Water Wizz Water Park | September 2009

An operator explains why her park requires life jackets, and how she’s learned to gain parents’ cooperation.

Getting Current

By John Fletemeyer, Stephen Leatherman & Rob Brander | June 2009

New research suggests aquatics professionals need to rethink how they warn and guard against the leading cause of beach drowning.

Getting in the Act

By Joe D’Orio, Hayward Pool Products | May 2009

This year, aquatics facilities must make sure they are in compliance with the Pool and Spa Safety Act before they’re ready to open for the new season.

Piecing It Together

By Rebecca Robledo, Pool & Spa News | March 2009

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act has left industry professionals with many questions. Here are some answers.

Bragging Rights

By Fred Carter | February 2009

A perfect safety record for 25 years? An operator who achieved this milestone tells how.

When Lightning Strikes

By Tom Griffiths and Matthew Griffin | November/December 2008

Should you close your indoor pool when lightning approaches? The answer may surprise you.

Caught in the Act

By Joe DiOrio and Kevin Potucek | October 2008

Here’s how to quickly and cost-effectively retrofit your pool to comply with the VGB Pool and Spa Safety Act.

A Healthy Relationship

By Steve Keifer | June 2008

It’s time for operators and health inspectors to stop butting heads. Here’s how the two can work together for the betterment of the industry.

Safety Check

By Maria Bella | May 2008

You’re not ready for the new season until you complete this risk-management checklist.

Letter of the Law

By Paul Pennington | April 2008

The new federal pool and spa safety law requires compliance in 12 months. An expert explains the new law and what operators need to do to follow it.