A young man recently posted his attempt to break into a waterpark on YouTube. The video, titled 24 Hour Overnight in Waterpark, features Alex Rai, a young man based in London, and his friends attempting to spend 24 hours in a waterpark that’s part of a health club without getting caught by security.

Spoiler Alert: They get caught!

The video is part of a series titled "24-Hour Overnight Fort Challenges," which documents Rai and Friends attempting to perform similar stunts in a shopping mall as well as a movie theater. The Waterpark video has only been up for 3 weeks, but has already garnered more than 250,000 views.

In keeping with the aquatics theme you can also check out Rai's Sneaking into London's Most Expensive Hotel video, where he goes for a swim in what is presumably a guests-only pool.

Rai has two YouTube channels: vJamahh and TheRealAlexRai.