Muslim women in Belgium are fighting for their rights to wear burqinis in the pool. The swimwear creations were designed to allow women to swim, yet keep both the body and head covered—a requirement of Islamic women to maintain a look of modesty in public places.

The women were prohibited from wearing burqinis at a pool and are claiming that their religious freedoms have been violated.

The issue of accommodating Muslim women has arisen at several aquatic facilities over the years. The Fairfax County Park Authority in Virginia began using blackout curtains and female lifeguards to accommodate the religious requirements of Muslim women while they swam at the George Washington RECenter. And its efforts, in addition to other features of the center, earned them a 2011 Aquatics International Best of Aquatics award.  Aquatics International also honored SWIMKids USA with a Best of Aquatics award in 2014 for providing swim classes at special times to accommodate Muslims in the community. Read More