New York was the first to implement specific codes for sprayparks, and now other state and local agencies are looking toward the Empire State as an example. Here?s a look at some of the requirements there. For a look at the full New York codes as written, click here.

All public sprayparks with recirculated water must include:

  • UV water-treatment system
  • Foot showers at the entry to the spraypad
  • Clean, conveniently located restrooms with diaper-changing facilities
  • Fencing to prevent access when the spraypark is not supervised.

Spraypark maintenance must:

  • Be performed by ?qualified swimming pool water-treatment operator(s)? familiar with the equipment and able to uphold specific water quality standards
  • Be recorded accurately in a daily logs.

All public sprayparks with recirculated water must be designed with:

  • Automatic controls to maintain water level and regulate chemical feed
  • Recirculation and treatment systems that operate 24 hours a day and meet specific flow and turnover rates calculated using specified mathematical formulas.