Mary Vail, MBA Publicist

Imagine sipping on your beverages and enjoying your backyard. Music begins to play, and a lineup of glamorous performers strolls out to the pool. As they enter the water, their graceful, sequenced movements bring the pool to life.

Mary Vail, MBA Publicist

As a pool builder and Olympics fan, I have watched synchronized swimmers compete for gold. The elegance and athleticism of the sport is breathtaking. The amount of training and stamina at the Olympic level of competition is demanding for any individual. When you add in the team factor and precise synchronization of routines that must be done while holding one’s breath, this sport takes on another dimension.

For some of these athletes, post competition has led to performing in major water-themed shows, several of which are showcased on the Las Vegas strip. For instance, former European champion Ludivine “Ludi” Perrin-Stsepaniuk performed with Le Reve for 10 years. Now she is on a personal mission: “To bring awareness and appreciation for the artistic nature and athleticism of synchronized swimming.”

In 2016, she opened Ovia Entertainment, a production company specializing in aquatic performances, services and training. “My goal is to establish synchronized swimming as a mainstream form of entertainment in any aquatic environment: public, private or residential pool settings,” she says.

Through the company, synchronized swimmers visit pools of all types to perform routines. One might imagine that these performers would require a large body of water, but that is far from the truth. Perrin-Stsepaniuk explains, “I can choreograph a beautiful water ballet routine for pools of any size, even spas.”

Outdoor parties typically have decor surrounding the pool and might include a few objects floating on the water. But for the most part, the pool remains dormant during these activities.

Routines are choreographed to the event’s theme and music. These performances take place at parties celebrating various occasions or even weddings. Mermaids and mermen also are very popular, Perrin-Stsepaniuk says. In addition to the performance, her entertainers provide a fun photo session with guests.

Homeowners can even opt to include the party honoree into the routine or host a mermaid party where guests (of any age) don a tail and learn the graceful art of mermaid maneuvers.