Two sisters have a found a silver lining to their plight from fleeing their homeland of Syria.

Just two months ago, Sarah and Ysra Mardini were swimming for their lives across the Aegean Sea, after jumping from an inflatable boat that began sinking when headed to Greece. Today, however, the girls are practicing their strokes in the Berlin swimming pool originally built for the 1936 Olympics.

It's fitting given they once swam in their native land. Sarah even worked at a swimming pool, she told Fox News.

"I was not afraid of dying, because if anything happened I could swim to arrive at the island. But the problem was that I had 20 persons with me," said Sarah. "In Syria I worked in a swimming pool to watch people not drowning, so if I let anyone drown or die I would not forgive myself."

Of course, the swimming club greeted the sisters with the same kindness they showed their fellow Syrian refugees, and welcomed them with open arms. Read More