To maximize time, save indoor repairs and projects for inclement weather days.

— Joann V. Gomez, communications director, Hyland Hills Park and Recreation District (Hyland Hills Water World)

Now is the time to revisit all your regulatory agencies. You'll prpbably be way too busy in the summer to check on any new legislation or changes to state regulations.

— Judith Leblein Josephs, president, JLJ Enterprises, LLC

Complete a full inventory of the products you know you will need for the upcoming season. Include things such as proper test kits and reagents (FAS/DPD), tubing, pressure sensors/gauges and PVC glue.

— M. Troy McGinty, AFO-certified CPO instructor and consultant/Poolcomm, CAT Controllers Inc.

The number of months it takes each spring to prepare the two Morey’s Piers Beachfront Waterparks for summer operation.

— George E. Rohman, operations manager, Morey's Piers Beachfront Waterparks & Resorts