Have you ever been forced to prove something to someone? That happens all too often in the world of contracts, bid specification and standards. Typically what you need to do is show or prove that some product really and truly is certified to some standard. Because of that, knowing how to find products that comply can be the difference between a deal going through smoothly and experiencing delays and aggravation.

NSF has made its online product listings easy to navigate. Here’s how.

1. Go to www.nsf.org and click “Search Certified Products and Systems” in the right corner.

2.    Once there, you can search by brand or company name, or scroll select Recreational Water Facility Products to be taken to pool/spa products.

3.    Use the drop-down menu to narrow your search by Trade Name, Product Type, Facility Location and Manufacturer Name. There is also the option of Complete Listings, which allows users to perform electronic data search.

Companies that work with NSF to certify their pool and spa products gain clear national acceptance of their brands. NSF/ANSI Standard 50 is referenced within most pool/spa/waterpark health codes and building and construction codes.

The NSF International certification mark is all you need for product acceptance. NSF can address anything from pool alarms, suction fittings, SVRS, pumps and filters to complex chemical production and feeding systems, and process equipment such as ozone and UV treatment systems. We also provide complete swim spa testing and certification services.

Congratulations to the following firms that have recently obtained NSF certification for the following pool and spa products:

1. Aquasol Controllers: two automatic controllers

2. Aquionics: medium-pressure UV systems

3. Best Buy Pool Supply of New Jersey: solar-radiant-panel pool and spa heaters

4. Creative Water Solutions: sphagnum moss for health safety

5. ELM Distribution of New Jersey: solar-radiant-panel pool and spa heaters

6. Global Water Treatment Chemicals: CHF-1 calcium hypochlorite tablet feeder

7. Gull Industries of New Jersey: solar-radiant-panel pool and spa heaters

8. Fluid Handling: several families of pumps

9. Fluidics Hawaii: two flow meters

10. Fluidra USA:10 medium-pressure UV systems

11. I. D. Electroquimica, S.L: 10 medium-pressure UV systems

12. In the Swim: calcium hypochlorite tablet feeder

13. Innovative Pool Solutions: four automatic controllers

14. Ningbo LG Yongxing Chemical Co: two grades of ABS molding material

15. Pentair Aquatic Systems: ozone generators and mixing systems

16. ProMinent Dosiertechnik GmbH: medium-pressure, variable-power UV systems

17. Rimtec Corporation: two grades of PVC materials

18. Rola-Chem: four automatic controllers

19. Triogen Ltd: 15 medium-pressure UV systems

20. Tnemec Company: pool and spa coatings

21. Xylem Water Systems USA: pumps

22. SIKA Corp: PVC liner/barrier