The next generation wearable, called Prism, has been introduced by Accesso, manufacturer of ride reservation technology for waterparks. Prism is an update of the firm’s previous generation, called Qband.

This new device eliminates the need to make ride reservations at kiosks. Instead, users can hold a place in the virtual queue from the wristband’s touch screen menu. The manufacturer says the device can be used to create a fully integrated smart park. Guests can use it for entry, payments, message receipt, locker rental, and tagging of ride and park photographs throughout the visit. Prism also will notify guests if a ride is temporarily unavailable or a show is rescheduled.

According to Accesso, the wristband is structurally designed to be waterproof and withstand use at waterparks. The strap is made to be hypoallergenic and is one-size-fits-all.

Waterpark operators can benefit from the device’s data collection. It keeps track of how users interact with the park, providing insights for operations and marketing.