The world’s largest special effects wave pool will become the centerpiece of a new industrial park for motion picture production meant to boost Taiwan’s movie industry. Designed and manufactured by Aquatic Development Group, the 246-foot-by-98-foot-by-10-foot-deep wave pool was constructed in Taichung, Taiwan and built specifically for the movie “Life of Pi.” Capable of replicating open-ocean conditions ranging from placid swells to raging storms, the computer-controlled WaveTek system includes 12 pneumatic wave generators producing a total of 2,400 horsepower. In addition to “Life of Pi,” ADG has designed and manufactured wave systems for other motion pictures, including “Master and Commander and The Guardian.” ADG, based in Cohoes, N.Y., is a manufacturer of aquatic equipment for waterparks, commercial pools and mountain attractions whose brands include Wavetek, FlowRider, Whitten, AFW Floors, Texlon, Alpine Mountain Coaster and Alpine Slide.