The Bahamas has always been a top destination in the Caribbean, but when Baha Bay Waterpark opened at Baha Mar Resort in Nassau, it launched the concept of vacation to a whole new level of luxury and entertainment for the region.

“It's the most cutting-edge, leading technology, most innovative waterpark in the region,” said Philip Hayles, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Accounts for ProSlide Technology Inc. He says while many resorts in the Caribbean offer luxury beachfront properties with swim-up bars and some exciting activities, “when you go to Baha Bay, you want people to say, ‘Amazing! I never expected that.’”

Baha Bay brings thrilling entertainment and fun packaged into a deluxe, beautiful complex of sparkling clear pools set against the island’s natural seaside backdrop. Guests range from groups of friends to couples on honeymoons to families with children. Set on 15 acres of white sandy beachfront, the waterpark is designed to blend into the island while offering many Caribbean-firsts, including its showpiece, the ProSlide Dueling PIPElineBLAST/FlyingSAUCER 20 known as Dueling Riptide Coaster. Competing rafts race through steep inclines, compound curves, and patented RallyPOINT sections all propelled by water propulsion technology. Another Caribbean-first is the Hammerhead, in which multiple riders can take a cloverleaf tube together through thrilling tunnels and high-speed accelerating compound curves that send riders dropping and diving through each ProSlide FlyingSAUCER like a world cup ski racer. A third Caribbean-first is the Cyclone Rush, a family rafting ride that features two premium ProSlide features, an award-winning BehemothBOWL that drops riders into the iconic TornadoWAVE curved wall.

For the bravest, there’s the Thunderball, a ProSlide FreeFALL slide that drops riders straight down; and Pirate’s Plunge, a ProSlide SuperLOOP Speed Slide that sends riders dropping through SkyBOX launch capsule carrying through back-to-back turns and 360-degree spins. Guests who want to test out their surf skills can try the Surf, a surfing simulator.

For those seeking a little more calm, there’s a 500,000-gallon wave pool and a 1,400-feet long lazy river. Younger guests can enjoy a shallower version of fun and excitement at Turtle Beach, complete with gentler toddler rides. As they move up in age, they graduate to the Stingray Cove, an aquatic play area with twisting slides, tipping buckets and water sprays. “Our RideHOUSE waterplay complex is a purposely designed structure for young kids and their families. With dynamic features and interactive areas, it feels like a smaller dedicated water park for our youngest guests within the water park,” Hayles said. The idea is that the kids can grow with the waterpark and begin to enjoy bigger rides with their families on the multi-person raft rides.

The resort itself offers three luxury hotels, residences, high-end casino, top restaurants, golf, an art gallery, spa, aviary, animal sanctuary and shopping. Guests can take cooking or art classes, and participate in a number of other water activities as well. Baha Mar’s focus was to create a luxury destination that “catered, explored and celebrated the Bahamian culture as well as the beauty of the islands,” through the themes, colors and food, Hayles explained.

Besides having individual Caribbean-first rides, Hayles said the entire waterpark is a Caribbean-first. “We’ve set the Caribbean regional standards in Baha Bay,” he said, noting that while luxury resorts with beautiful pools easily line the shores in the islands, “there is no other park like this in the Caribbean.” With that, he expects that more parks may follow suit in the next several years. “Guests are going to be amazed by the innovation at Baha Bay. With all the latest designs and technology from ProSlide, the water park has something for every member of the family. Baha Bay is sure to be a staple for years to come.”

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