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A push to build a floating fresh water pool on London's River Thames is gaining momentum, thanks to the efforts of The Thames Baths Project.

In late 2014, the group announced its plan to reintroduce river swimming with an open air pool. And now, its online campaign, using the hasthtag #BacktheBaths, is in full effect, according to The Guardian.

Architect Chris Romer-Lee told the news agency a Kickstarter campaign is set to begin soon and will be modeled after the successful crowdfunded +Pool effort that generated funds to build the project now underway in Manhattan's East River.

“I think it’s a European thing and London is late to the party. I was swimming in a public lake in Zurich on holiday and it was amazing,” the architect told the news agency. “Then I suddenly realised Berlin has got this pool, and Paris has got its variation of it. And Vienna, and New York. So it’s happening all over the world.”

If plans are approved, and the group raises the 10 million pounds (equivalent to approximately $1.5 million U.S.) needed to construct the facility, it will feature a 25-meter by 10-meter main pool, filtration system and pool-side decking.