A mammoth-sized indoor waterpark resort in the former East Germany mimics the South Seas.

Nearly 16 years after the Berlin Wall fell, Germans are having a hard time leaving the former East Germany. That?s because in the city of Brand, an hour?s drive from where the wall once stood, lies a paradise unlike any vision the Soviet Union had.

A former airship hangar houses Tropical Islands: a balmy, 700,000-square-foot, indoor resort. Lining the lagoon?s sandy beaches are 850 lounge chairs. The water is heated to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, inviting patrons to tan under the UV-penetrable roof.

Swimmers can snorkel the 4,000-meter South Sea, float along the current canal, slide into the Bali lagoon and lounge in the whirlpool or next to a waterfall. Every two hours, entertainers from various Asian countries perform for visitors.

Nature lovers can explore the rain forest, featuring more than 500 plant species. Open 24 hours a day, year ?round, Tropical Islands offers fine dining, shopping and massages.

Those who don?t require the hotel option can pitch a tent on the beach and fall asleep to the sounds of insects and birds chirping from hidden speakers. Now that?s a party for the people.