Imagine an aquatic pinball machine where your patrons are the ball! Designed to simulate the arcade-style pinball machine, but on scale 50 times larger, Wizard Works’ Human Pinball water slide concept uses a sloped ramp, approximately 50 feet wide by 150 feet long. Gadgets and gizmos such as flippers and bumpers also have grown accordingly, and riders navigate the course in 8-foot-diameter inner tubes.

Wizard Works is based in Albany, N.Y., and its new concept is just one of a number of out-of-the-box new attractions that could be coming to a waterpark near you soon. Waterpark visitors are always hungry for the latest and greatest, and suppliers have delivered for 2010.

“It’s important for waterpark operators to consider the latest rides and attractions for two reasons: (1) to sustain or improve their level of attendance and (2) to continue to engender the maximum length of visitor stay, which correlates with per capita spending,” says Bill Haralson, founder/president of William L. Haralson & Associates Inc.,

based in Alto, N.M.

We asked several manufacturers to share their most exciting new attractions, and it appears there’s a range of options for every budget and space. Following is a preview of what’s new:

Slides + Signature Rides

Play Equipment + Enhancements