Building on the trend toward more skills-based attractions that offer interactivity, SCS Interactive and WhiteWater West Industries in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, have introduced musical play components.

WhiteWater West Industries’ AquaTune (pictured top, left) works as a standalone, or as part of an existing AquaPlay structure. The basic model comes in a variety of colors and features 12 notes that resemble the musical scale. Participants engage by covering one of the 12 water-jet finger holes. It operates on a 12V power supply; solar panel and other powerless options are available.

The SCS HydroPhone also makes music out of water. It’s designed as a standalone attraction or as an add-on to an SCS HydroDek play unit. To create a melody, participants place their fingers over any of the flute-like finger holes. The standard model comes in either stainless steel or fiberglass and is approximately 5 feet long. Custom options also are available.

Empex Watertoys of Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada, now is offering the Aquadek T410-243S, a climb-and-slide structure designed specifically for chlorinated sprayparks or beach-entry shallow pools. The Aquadek provides step entry for adult access and three different slide designs to accommodate children up to age 12. Additionally, it includes a variety of water sprays and comes preplumbed for water distribution. Fabricated from nonferrous, composite and specialty plastics, it comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty,weighs less than a metal version, and can be surface mounted without elaborate foundations, minimizing construction costs.

The ProSlide RideHOUSE, which debuted at the Olympic Watercube in Beijing, features a number of water cannons, active water sprays,and scaled-down versions of many ProSlide rides, some never found on a multilevel water play structure before.

These include the OctopusRACER and FireSlides. The RideHOUSE at Watercube also features a high-volume, high-speed water dump and scaled-down versions of the TORNADO, the ProSlide BulletBOWL and 12 other water rides.

Waterplay Solutions’ Mega Soaker is a tripod design, dump-bucket-style feature that reaches nearly 18 feet high and drops as much as 90 gallons of water every 90 seconds on anyone standing below.

The Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada-based company put more than a year of research and development into the product, which features smooth lines, a circular form and hidden hardware. The tripod design creates a unique aesthetic, increases the ease of installation and reduces installation cost compared with similar products, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, the deflector plate is easily adjustable based on water effect preferences, while further customizations include graphics on the bucket and panel add-ons.

Emerald FX/Mazur of Norwalk, Ohio, now is offering custom themed slide elements to provide an entertaining “face-lift” for existing water slides. “As of now,we have eight separate designs to choose from, with the ability to custom-create any design matching any customer’s theme,” designer Ben Klunding says.

The themed elements are made of fiberglass and painted in a UV-protected gel coat, developed to hold its shade/color for many years. For additional excitement, operators may include a fog/smoke option.

Lasertech Productions is introducing Splash Encounters. This state-of-the-art special effects system turns a regular water slide into an interactive experience. Before embarking, riders choose one of several theme options from a touch-screenmenu to enhance their trip down the slide. Choices include scary as well as fun themes to appeal to riders of all ages, and effects are created with lights, fog and water screens.

Splash Encounters can be updated via the Internet and includes an energy-saving sleep mode.

Another new option from the Mundelein, Ill.- based company is the SlideFX Jukebox. The interactive Jukebox gives riders the opportunity to experience any slide while listening to one of 64 song choices, which can be updated and selected by the operator.

Early this year, Murphy’s Waves will debut its StingRay half-pipe design stationary wave machine. Stingray comes with short and long boards, and uses shallow, fast-flowing water to provide a body board and skim-boarding experience. The water flow can be easily adjusted from the remote panel so that the ride is suitable for all age groups and experience levels. The first installation will be in Kansas.