The FLOW Tour, a competition for flowboarders to face-off for fun or for the title of top rider, is once again on the road.

The event is sponsored by FlowRider, a wave-generator brand by waterpark attractions manufacturer WhiteWater West, and travels to different venues where the attraction is installed. This year's FLOW Tour will take place at participating facilities in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

FLOW stands for Flowboarding League of the World, and the tour is a competition for flowboarders of all ages. This event also provides an opportunity for newcomers to learn about the sport.

The events, which started at the end of January and will run until September, are expected to ramp up during summer. In the United States, FLOW Tour season runs from April to August. The tour has divisions for a variety of skill levels – from youth to masters and amateur to pro.

“The FLOW Tour encourages all participants to enter the competition,” says Adam Muller, FLOW Tour coordinator. “The events offer divisions for all ages and skill levels!”

Winners from each region in the Pro divisions will have a chance to compete in the World Flowboarding Championships. Judges will score flowboarding performances on trick difficulty, trick variety, and execution of style and flow.

People who want to participate must register at their location of choice and pay an entry fee, which varies based on the division they choose to enter.

Facilities, including resorts and waterparks, with FlowRider installed were invited to participate in the tour.

“We aim to host as many competitions as we can each season,” said FLOW Representative, Chris Granone. “We don’t like to leave any venues out that are interested in supporting the sport and attraction.”