Each year, the movers and shakers from the attractions industry converge in Orlando to buy and sell the latest inventions that move and shake thrill seekers.

Outrageous roller coasters have long been the stars of the show. Slowly but surely, that’s changing.

Waterpark attractions are drawing more and more attention with each year as engineers dream up ever more wild slides and imaginative water-based rides.

This year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo was no exception.

Here are three of the show’s most buzzworthy waterpark projects.


Here’s a concept that finally answers the question we’ve all secretly asked ourselves at one time or another: What if a ferris wheel and a waterslide mated?

The Slidewheel comes from the German firm Wiegland.maelzer. Its compact design takes up less space than a conventional waterslide – ideal for waterparks with a small footprint or for properties that simply want to cram in another ride.

According to reports, if one were to untangle the knot of tubes, it would be just as long as a traditional slide. And at three revolutions per minute, riders won’t feel they’re being shortchanged.


Imagine an immersive dark-ride experience under water.

The Aquaticar was developed by Sub Sea Systems in Diamond Springs, Calif.

Passengers steer two-person vehicles powered by “bubble engine” technology along an underwater track system.

The concept holds the potential for a richly themed journey through the Lost City of Atlantis or a 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-type adventure.

Bubble Arena

Among the expo’s more curious concepts is the Bubble Arena from Polin Waterparks. The Istanbul-based designer unveiled a scale model of a circular pool that produces a massive bubble (or bubbles?) in a gladiator-themed arena.

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