Roller coasters at theme parks around the world have afforded riders the opportunity to soar alongside Superman, ride Santa’s sleigh and thwart alien invasions through virtual reality. Now waterparks are getting in on the action.

The Legends of Aqua, part of the Land of Legends megaresort in Antalya, Turkey, is the first waterpark to introduce a VR overlay of a family raft ride, transforming it into an immersive 3-D journey through the lost city of Atlantis.

Journey Through Lost City of Atlantis

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Take a sneak peek at the VR overlay at the Legends of Aqua, part of the Land of Legends megaresort in Antalya, Turkey,

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Equipped with a waterproof headset, guests can explore otherworldly ruins of the mythological city while spiraling down the slide. The 360-degree action in Atlantis synchs with the real-life thrills of speeding down chutes and bending around curves, thanks to a radio-wave system that tracks the rider’s location.

Turkey-based Polin Waterparks and Polymorph Software in France developed Splash VR, the gear that makes it possible to experience other worlds on water-based rides.

Expect the VR treatment at other waterparks. Company officials tout the tech as an easy way to upgrade any slide with no major retrofits.

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Polin says Atlantis is only the beginning. Parks will be able to choose other concepts, allowing riders to experience different adventures with each trip down a tube.

You can bet waterparks will license VR storylines from popular intellectual properties. Imagine going into battle mounted on your trusty sea horse like Aquaman or navigating a rapid river like Lara Croft of Tomb Raider.