Breakwater Beach waterpark are a cut above in more ways than one.

Food options include the Dockside Café, Barbecue Grill and the Cottage Café, each offering its own unique menu. At the Dockside, the park’s main restaurant, patrons can order typical fare such as hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken fingers, pizza and ice cream. The Barbecue Grill goes a step farther. Barbecue meat is cooked outside, allowing the tantalizing smell to waft throughout the park. The Cottage Café specializes in freshly made salads and sandwiches.

Beverage choices include soft drinks, water, lemonade and Monster Energy drinks. Monster has supplied food service workers with neon green T-shirts so guests can easily spot them.

The seaside waterpark itself is rooted in the “Jersey Shore” tradition of fun, but food service is all high-tech. Operators have set up an iPhone app that allows visitors to order and pay for food from their smartphones, making meal or snack time a breeze. Now parents who are relaxing in the 300 chairs surrounding the interactive play structure don’t have to go gather up the kids and relinquish their spots to wait in a long line when it’s time to eat.

Guests love the convenience of the iPhone app, and feedback has been positive, say operators. The app also takes pressure off the main restaurant, Dockside. Food sales have jumped 20 percent since the app was instituted, and the number of diners served at Dockside hasn’t decreased a bit. This use of technology is clearly the future of food and beverage, but at Breakwater Beach, a wait staff also is available to serve those who prefer a more traditional approach.