Roaring Springs sets itself apart by focusing the marketing efforts, and the product, on the core audience. This 17-acre waterpark emphasizes providing an outstanding guest experience because word-of-mouth marketing is its most powerful advertising tool.

The customer experience is the brand, not just at the waterpark, but at every point where potential guests come in contact with the operation. Often, it starts on the Roaring Springs Website, where visitors can experience the rides virtually. That’s integrated with social media interaction, where they can tell all of their friends how much fun they had.

Moms comprise a key user group. Examples of what Roaring Springs does to connect with this target audience include offering an interchangeable pass that allows season pass holders to bring a different friend or family member each time they visit the park; raising money for local nonprofits; and hosting H2Overload. The latter is a unique teen event occurring beside the wave pool every Friday night in July.

Also this year, Roaring Springs gave away its first-ever waterpark wedding. The lucky bride and groom won the chance to say their vows at the top of the park’s most extreme thrill ride and then “take the plunge” down while wearing a wedding dress and tuxedo. A waterpark reception for 50 guests followed the ceremony.