Chris Swartz, NRH2O’s general manager is proud to be a technology enthusiast. This attitude has inspired “working smarter not harder” types of systems that enhance the experience of all customers by keeping everyone informed. 

Here are some examples.

  • All park incidents are logged into a database to quickly identify trends and correct any issues. The system also e-mails reports to stakeholders, including a fire department representative, keeping all parties informed at the same level.
  • An automated paging system sends hourly texts to keep managers in the loop as to the park's performance. Updates report key indicators such as attendance and revenue. This system is linked with time and attendance records, so it only pages those who are on the clock.
  • The park’s Website,, includes the ability to subscribe to the operating and special events calendars, and any special announcements. This functionality expands NRH20’s ability to keep guests informed without requiring them to make frequent visits to the Website.
  • A sophisticated online application system eliminated the need for time–consuming job fairs. It filters and delivers qualified applications efficiently, and managers can communicate with and track applicants through the entire process, ending with an automated transfer to the team member database.
  • Beginning last season, NRH20 began conducting surveys with an iPad. Results are sent to a database, which e-mails the team every night, showing how it did for the day, the last several days and the season. No surprise, the group finished with one of its highest guest service scores ever. 
  • An automated daily e-mail alerts managers and supervisors of what the expected performance will be, historic performance for that day, groups, special events and more. In short, it sums up everything that makes up that day.