Chula Vista has built its comprehensive training program on two beliefs: A team is only as strong as its weakest performer, and every staff member should be prepared for leadership development.

Employees are instructed on expectations and strive to perform above those expectations, but they also are asked for feedback on how to improve training programs.

Lifeguard training is extensive, but leadership development is perhaps the hallmark of Chula Vista’s program. A customized curriculum includes four different levels, each building upon the one before. This systematic approach details responsibilities in simplified processes so that everyone knows how each component affects the entire operation.

Staff members learn about their particular jobs in seminar-style training. For example, head lifeguard curriculum includes expectations, park skills and effective communication. For Leadership 1 and 2 positions, professionalism, time management and stress management are taught. Supervisory level staffers receive instruction on showmanship, and how to communicate with guests. Prospective managers must complete a nine-month training program that examines the entire waterpark, including food, beverages, admissions, aquatics, first aid, and park services.

The goal is to develop professionals who will be successful in their current roles and future endeavors.