Operators of Wild Water Adventures have been at the forefront of water quality management for more than a decade. Pool systems are fully automated, and to ensure that all the water is maintained to the highest standards, management created an Aquatic Ecology Division. Four people work in this division, and between them they have 45 years’ experience with water quality.

Team members receive dedicated training on water chemistry and proper water quality management. They are responsible for the high standards of cleanliness for all pools and aquatic-related facilities, as well as monitoring and compiling reports on water quality and chemical usage.

Wild Water Adventures is an older facility that doesn’t have all the high-tech bells and whistles of some newer parks. So employees must stay on top of their systems, anticipating when something might go wrong and taking care of it before it does. And they do. Each pool has its own separate filter area, located near that pool. This means staffers do a great deal of walking, but any problems are contained and don’t affect the other pools.

The waterpark works well with the county health department, which makes weekly visits during the facility's open season. The health department actually sends people there for training to show them how water quality is done correctly.

Additionally, a robust guest education program includes signage reminding patrons of the importance of regular bathroom breaks. Other signage throughout the park shows which restrooms have changing tables, so diaper changing isn’t done at poolside. Swim diapers or rubber swim pants are required for infants and toddlers, and if a parent isn’t prepared, the items may be purchased in the Splash Shop.