After months of investigation and speculation, a man injured while riding a water slide at Zoom Flume has filed a lawsuit against the attraction.

According to the Times Union, Paul R. Meador suffered several broken bones in his feet and ankles Aug. 23 while riding the East Durham, N.Y.-based park's tallest slide, Canyon Plunge, when he slammed into a concrete wall at the bottom.

Since then, the state Department of Labor investigated the incident and discovered several problems, according to the news agency: a drain plug removed the night before as part of the regular cleaning process had not been reinserted, the lifeguard at the bottom of the slide was not present and the employee at the top of the slide was underage and did not follow safety procedures.

This video shows a rider (not Meador) taking the plunge down the 150-foot-long uncovered body slide that's built into a hill.

Amid this recent lawsuit comes the news that the park has just received a $50,000 grant to make improvements to the site before the 2015 season. Read More