To say last year was a tough year would be an understatement. The waterparks industry did not escape unscathed.

In 2020, the waterpark industry saw an attendance drop of approximately 83.9 million and revenue losses of $3.7 billion, according to Hotel & Leisure Advisors in its latest report on the waterpark industry.

Still, more than half of the waterparks opened in some capacity last year. There were even some bright spots in 2020. Owners were able to take advantage of the closures by taking care of overdue renovations. And growth among indoor waterparks outpaced that of 2019.

Things this year are not likely to go back to normal. "Current projections for the vaccine rollout indicate a return to normalcy no earlier than the fall, making 2021 a year of continued depressed attendance and revenue," the report said.

Read on to learn more about how waterparks fared last year, and what likely is in store for 2021.

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