In late June, WhiteWater West's Director of Imagination, Denise Chatman Weston, joined Great Wolf Lodge Poconos to introduce Slideboarding.

Slideboarding is a water slide attraction that features video game components. Riders go down the slide on a raft that has controllers. They use these controllers to hit corresponding colored buttons to LED lights that can be seen during the ride.

Using a login and password, riders are able to record their scores and track how they do in the game.

Susie Storey, director of communication for Great Wolf Resorts, told the Pocono Record that the ride has been successful.

We kept hearing from parents that their kids wouldn’t come back down because they kept going around and around. I think because they like seeing their score, and they like challenging each other. It gives you a reason to go back again and again because each time the game is different.

Another slide using slideboarding is expected to open at the resort in August. Read More