Legendary Action Park is at it again. The Vernon, N.J. facility, notorious for dangerous rides, raucous employees and sadly even a few tragedies, reopened its doors April Fool's Day last year and has since promised to deliver on a number of new rides that on paper live up to the old park's reputation.

This time, of course, the owners are promising a much safer and rule-abiding park. But that isn't stopping them from developing some attention-grabbing attractions.

In March, Action Park announced it was building a modern version of one of its notorious failed attempts for a vertical looping water slide. And now the park is installing what is reportedly going to be the world's longest water slide.

President of Mountain Creek/Action Park Bill Benneyan first heard about the slide from producers at the Travel Channel, which featured the 2,000-foot inflatable slide in its series "Xtreme Waterparks: Building the World’s Longest." Originally constructed in New Zealand, the water slide now is headed to New Jersey with test runs set to begin later this month.

If it succeeds, could Action Park join Schlitterbahn Waterparks & Resorts' Verrückt (the world's tallest water slide) in the record books?

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