Schlitterbahn Waterpark Resort, the flagship of the Schlitterbahn brand, features more than 40 rides and family activities divided between six areas. These include three uphill water coasters, nine tube chutes, 17 water slides, the Boogie Bahn bodyboarding ride, a family wave pool, five swimming pools, five hot tubs, seven children’s water playgrounds, water and sand volleyball courts, gift shops, and concessions.

Schlitterbahn, which is said to mean “slippery road” in German, opened in 1979 with four water slides starting from a German-style tower. The 25-acre Schlitterbahn East section, approximately three blocks from the original Schlitterbahn West, was added in 1991. It includes the Surfenburg section — with innovations ranging from the Boogie Bahn bodyboarding ride to the world's first uphill water coasters — and the Blastenhoff section, which features cutting-edge rides such as the Torrent River and the Master Blaster uphill water coaster. Today, free tram service is provided between the East and West sections. Not coincidentally, the park is on the banks of the Comal River and a new attraction, the Congo River Expedition Family-Thrill Adventure, is a themed, multisensory experience that’s part family raft ride, part interactive play structure.