You've probably read about activists chaining themselves to trees. Some, like a group in Berkeley, Calif., even took to living in trees for upwards of 21 months to protest their removal by the University of California, Berkeley to make way for a new athletic stadium. But chaining oneself to a water slide. That's a new one.

But this is exactly what Kevin Dumont did on November 9. In an effort to try and save Liquid Planet, the waterpark he founded in Candia, N.H., Dumont has set up camp at the top of a 30-foot water slide tower.

According to a report on, the waterpark, which Dumont founded in 2008, has been foreclosed on by the bank and will be up for auction on December 2. As he wrote on his personal Facebook page:

"You all can help immensely by helping to spread the word. Through social media, word of mouth, the press or anything else you can think of. I am not looking for a handout but rather a person, group of people or a company that would partner with me, pay off the bank and save yet another small business from failing. I will be up here 24 hours a day so I will post Info throughout the day."

Dumont since has updated his followers noting that various news outlets have requested interviews and his effort is gaining media attention. A GoFundMe campaign also has since been started.

A total of $1.6 million is needed to pay off Dumont's debt. Read More