Despite summer drawing to a close that doesn't mean that families have to give up water fun. There are a plethora of indoor water parks across the country and the travel website, MiniTime, recently took the time to rank what they consider to be the top 9. Why 9 and not 10? Who knows. They roll differently over there.

Unsurprisingly many of the top indoor water parks on the list come from the Midwest, which does have a strong relationship with indoor parks. It helps that several of the major water park management companies are headquartered in the Midwest.

Here's what MiniTime had to say about one of their picks located in Idaho:

A family vacation to Idaho is even more memorable with a trip to Silver Rapids Indoor Waterpark, the largest of its kind in all of the state. From laying back and floating along in the North Fork Lazy River to enjoying a simulated hot springs experience at Warm Springs, parents and kids will share lots of fun and laughs.

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