WhiteWater West has released an online tool to help waterparks identify their "splash factor." This is a term the company uses to help waterparks determine whether or not they've created the right water ride mix to keep attendees happy and coming back for more.

The tool takes just two minutes to complete, and is designed to measure the ratio of a waterpark's water rides to its other attractions and then correlate it to attendance and industry benchmarks.

“Making a splash is one thing and creating an impact is another - and that’s what Splash Factor helps you determine," said Nathan A. Jones, president of WhiteWater's Park Attractions Division. "By providing you a benchmarked rating (High, Medium or Low) based specifically on your park size, you can easily find the category that your park falls into. The critical thing here is to identify the gap between your park’s Splash Factor and the industry benchmark and then work towards finding the right water-ride mix.”

After the release of the tool, a detailed report on Splash Factors at waterparks around the world also will be released.