The Town of Davie, Fla. toppled the competition in the technically challenging baby-rescue drill.

Team Davie excelled in rescuer positioning, speedy glove work and communication.

"Their content was strong. It was obvious they took the challenge seriously and trained, and trained, and trained to meet the objective," noted Pete Dequincy, AI Summer Lifeguard Challenge judge. "While performing the challenge, the staff kept a calm professional demeanor, crucial in a time of crisis.

"What made them stand apart was the communication between the rescuers, specifically when they were transitioning between who was providing care to the victim," Dequincy added. "Communication is critical when there are multiple rescuers working together."

For those who plan to participate in upcoming challenges, here's a tip: Be sure your video captures everything. That's what tripped up some teams this time around. Dequincy said there were many times when rescuers were doing important tasks, like gloving up, off screen. "If I can't see it," he said, "I have to assume it didn't happen."

That said, there were some stellar performances. The following teams round out the remaining Top 10 submissions:

2. Overland, Kan. 3. Mesa, Ariz.
4. Temecula, Calif.
5. Apache Junction, Ariz.
6. Kirksville, Mo.
7. Chatham County, Savannah, Ga.
8. Buena Park, Calif.
9. New Albany, Ind.
10. Emporia, Kan.

Kudus to all!

Want to participate in June's challenge? There's still time! Deadline for submissions is Friday, June 30.