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Pool & Hot Tub Alliance Prepares to Update Key Standards

PHTA to update standards for suction outlets and public pools, seeks expert... More

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Safety Above the Waterline

The importance of periodically inspecting perimeter drain grates and other... More

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NDPA Initiates Collaborations to Advance Drowning Prevention and Education

Learn how the National Drowning Prevention Alliance has reached out to related... More

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Lifeguard Training: Getting in the Mix

Joining your staff in the water takes training and morale to the next level. Use... More

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Retention Ponds: Drowning Hazards Hidden in Full View

Learn why retention ponds present a drowning hazard that remains under the radar,... More

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5 Steps We Can Take Now to Counter Pandemic Impact on Drownings

Amid concerns that the pandemic has caused a setback in water safety, the aquatics... More

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Drowning is NEVER Funny

An outing to see comedian Mike Birbiglia's new aquatics-based show sees some of... More

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Industry Adapts to Changes in National Pool Drain Cover Standard

Higher-than-normal demand forces the industry to adjust to new language earlier... More

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Bill Proposed to Renew VGB Grant Financing

Find out more about the purpose of the proposed grant funds and what its expanded... More

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Developing a Common Language About Swimming Pool Color

In commercial pools, assessing the lightness of the interior finish is crucial to... More

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